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How to distinguish juice and blender?


Many consumers now think that juicers and blenders are the same, because they are similar in function, but this idea is actually not correct. The difference between a juicer and a blender is not only that their names are different, but also in terms of utility and other aspects. So how do you distinguish between juicers and blenders? The decoration of the decoration house below will be the difference between the juicer and the mixer, I hope to help everyone.

How to distinguish juicer and blender?


The difference between juicer and blender 1. Definition:

The juicer is a kind of machine that can quickly squeeze fruits and vegetables into juice. It first appeared in 1930 and has developed into a juicer that we have seen so many years.

The mixer is a kind of motor that drives the blade to rotate quickly to achieve the pulverization and cutting of the food. The mixer can not only smash the food, but also turn the food into small pieces or powder to realize the juice extraction.

The difference between the juicer and the blender 2, the role:

Mixers are generally divided into two types, one is a glass type, which can be used for fruit and other things. Its advantage is that the pulp and juice are together, it will not damage the fiber components in the fruit, and it can also be used as a milkshake, etc. You can put a little milk, put some bananas and ice cubes, etc., and the effect is very good. The second type is a plastic cup. Its advantage is that the cup has more net than the first one. It can be used to make raw soy milk. It reminds everyone that it needs to be heated to drink. Of course, it can also be separated like a juicer. , although the effect may be a little bit worse. However, if you are shaving ice, you should use a plastic cup. Otherwise, you will break the cup and add some water when you hit the fruit. Otherwise, the fruit will stick to the cup and the knife will not be able to beat.

The juicer refers to the separation of the juice of the fruit from the flesh, but this destroys the fiber of the fruit, and you drink the juice, while the fiber is mostly in the flesh, and the flesh is no longer edible, and most of it The juicer is not very good at separating the juice residue, and the slag is not very dry, causing great waste. The watermelon juice will produce a leaky appearance, because the watermelon has a lot of water, and most of the machine design is unreasonable, causing the juice to flow out of the gap of the machine. In terms of nutrition, the stuff made by the mixer is more nutritious than what the juicer makes because he does not destroy the fiber in the fruit.


The difference between juicer and blender 3, function:

The juicer has a single function and can only be used to extract juice. The juicer extracts the juice by using a motor to drive the knife net for rapid rotation, pushing the food from the feeding port to the knife net, crushing it, and separating the juice and the pulp through the knife net. The juice extracted by the juicer is not mixed with the flesh, and is more suitable for friends who like and pure juice.

Compared with the singleness of the juicer function, the mixer has many functions. The soy milk cup of the blender can make soy milk, pour the soaked soybeans into the filter, add water to the position of the largest mark of the soy milk cup, start the mixer and start the soy milk. After the soymilk is finished, the filter can filter the remaining impurities and leave the soy milk. The user only needs to make the prepared soy milk when it is eaten.

The above is how Xiaobian brings you how to distinguish juicer and blender? The whole difference between the juicer and the blender, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the difference between the juicer and the blender after reading this article. If you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click on the decoration knowledge channel.

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